Agatha LLC was founded in 2011 in Civitanova Marche with the purpose of suppling high quality products in the field of finished leather and semifinished leather for the shoes manufacturing, leather garnments and home furnishing. In particular the products we deal with are cow leather, sheep skin and pig hide both for the wholesale and retail market.

Cow leather:

  • Calf, half calves and crust semifinished for footwear uppers and liners;

  • Crust suede with a wide range of colours;

  • Printed and non-printed calf for garnments and home furnishing;

Sheep skin:

  • Crust skins of sheep, lambs and cross-origin goats;

  • Finished nappa leather with a wide range of colours;

  • Sheep and cross-origin goats liners.

Pig hide

  • Grain pig liners with a wild range of colours;

  • Pork crust also resin coated with a variety of colours.

We are able to offer to the customer both small quantity for samples and big quantity with a seasonal schedule. Thank to the wide range of goods in stock and the possibility for us to make quick orders to our suppliers. An accurate research in partnership with many leather tannery ensure us to keep pace with all market and customer needs in terms of goods, specific leather processing and up to grade techniques for quality and safety.


Via Martiri delle Foibe, snc
62012 Civitanova Marche (MC)